3 Shade - Dip Nail Powder System


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All our products are manufactured with cruelty free and vegan friendly processes. Our factory and production partners guarantee these processes.


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Australian OWNED

By Phoebe is the only Australia & Family owned PolyGel and Dip Nail Brand. All By Phoebe products are stocked in our Brisbane warehouse and are shipped with Australia Post.

What's inside?

Phoebe's Dip Base Coat: Prepares and protects the natural nail ensuring optimal adhesion. To be used before applying Phoebe's dip powder.

Phoebe's Dip Activator: Helps to speed the drying process and provides flexibility to the final dip colour powder layer. To be applied after the second coat of Phoebe's dip coloured powder and again after filing and shaping, prior to applying Phoebe's Dip Top Coat.

Phoebe's Dip Top Coat: The final step in our Dip System. After application of all Phoebe's Dip products, apply two thin layers of Phoebe's Dip Top Coat. Contains vitamins A & E & calcium to nourish and condition the nails.

Phoebe's Dip Nail Brush Saver. A solvent based solution used for the quick and easy removal of excess Dip Base or Top Coat product from brushes. Place hardened or thick brush in solution and soak until softened. Allow brush to dry before placing back in original bottle.



  • Full Application Kit
  • 3 Selected Dip Nail Powders (30mL)
  • Kabuki Brush
  • Nail File
  • Cuticle Oil
  • Translucent Carry Bag

Additional Costs For Sparkle Dip Nail Powders.

How do I apply it?

Application Process

1. Shape and buff natural nails.

2. Apply Base Coat to individual nail. 

3. While nail is still wet, dip into powder at a 45 degree angle to apply one thin, even layer.

4. Dust away excess powder using our Kabuki Brush.

5. Repeat steps 2 - 4 for each nail until you have reached your desired colour, thickness and effect.

6. Apply Activator to seal in powder, leave to set for 30 seconds. 

7. File and buff the nail until desired appearance is achieved.  

8. Apply Activator for a second coat.

9. Quickly apply Top Coat immediately after. 

10. Once dried, apply second Top Coat for extra shine. 

11. Wash Bottle Brushes with the Brush Saver.

12. Use Phoebe's Natural Cuticle Revitaliser Oil to finish. 

Removal Process

1. Use a high grit file to take off the majority of the powder (DO NOT file natural nail)

2. Switch to a light buffer to gently buff down the gel to leave a thin layer.

3. Soak a cotton ball in acetone and wrap around nails using foil - Try our Remover Clamps!  

4. Remove excess powder from the natural nail using a nail file. 

5. Revitalise natural nails using Phoebe's Natural Cuticle Revitaliser Oil.

Can I see someone apply it?


By Phoebe's Dip Nail Powder Kits are perfect for anyone looking for salon quality nails at a fraction of the price. Easy to apply by yourself, the kit comes with everything you need to get started as your own technician.



Apply application coats in preparation of the Dip Nail Powder.

2. SET

Dip your nails in your chosen Powder Shade. Use our included brush to smooth the application. Apply a number of layers until you're happy with the result.


Apply final coats and look at the results. Our Powders provide a strong application free of chips and cracking. 


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3 Shade - Dip Nail Powder System
Dip Nail Powder - 30mL


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