Dip Nail Powder - 30mL

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Beauty by Phoebe provides an extensive catalogue of salon quality beauty products to be used in the comfort of your own home. The Dip Nail kit comes with everything you need to prepare, apply and style your gel nails at home. See our range of colours to be used with our Dip Nail kit. Our nail powders come in a variety of colours to suit your style.

The Dip Nail Powders, used in conjunction with Phoebe's Dip Nail Powder Kit, provide long lasting and bold salon quality colours to your nails at home.

No UV Light Required for Dip Nail Powders.

See our instruction tab for information on application and removal.


Each Pot contains 30mL of Powder.

Used in conjunction with our application kits and starter packs.


Application Process

1. Shape and Buff Nails
2. Apply Base Coat.
3. Apply Activator.
4. Apply Top Coat.
5. Apply Nail Prep (only from Full Kit)
6. Dip into Powder.
7. Buff and Clean the Nail.
8. Wash Bottle Brushes with the Brush Saver.

Removal Process

1. Use a high grit file to take off the majority of the powder (DO NOT file natural nail) 

2. Switch to a light buffer to gently buff down the gel to leave a thin layer. 

3. Soak a cotton ball in acetone and wrap around nails using foil - Try our Remover Clamps! 

4. Remove excess powder from the natural nail using a nail file.

5. Revitalise natural nails using Phoebe's Natural Cuticle Revitaliser Oil.

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